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Compostela Watch


Compostela watch

Exclusive Swiss watch dedicated to the Compostela Way


You have walked the Compostela Way and lived an unforgettable experience with your own emotions, efforts, joys, happiness and difficult moments. Marcel Bouvier offers you a luxury Swiss watch, dedicated to the Compostela Way, unique because your dedication will be specifically engraved nobly.


 Exclusively yours

Marcel Bouvier offers you to engrave your experience by creating your own watch with a specific background to the Compostela Way. Thus your watch will be the witness of your path. A testimonial, community and intergenerational watch. A gift for life, a vector of your values.


In order to engrave and carry your memories to yourself, to transmit your values to your loved ones, Marcel Bouvier has created for you a timepiece concept that allows you to create your own watch.


Easily identified by its stamped « BOUVIER » bezel, your Marcel Bouvier Compostela timepiece becomes a creator of links between people who aspire to the same values and a symbol of life.

Your unique watch

You will be able to choose the dial, the bezel, the bracelet and the finish of the back of your timepiece.And your own dedication will be specifically engraved with the traditional milling cutter with nobility and all the know-how of our craftsman on the back of your Compostela watch. 
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